IT Services

Domain Registration

Secure your online presence with a domain name

15+ EUR per year

Web Hosting

Host your website and ensure its security and availability online. Free πŸ”’ SSL Certificate.

25 EUR per year

Email Server Setup

Establish a professional email server with advanced security features (MX, SPF1, DMARC, DKIM)

50 EUR one-time fee

Startup Website

Build a customized website for startups with up to 5 pages

250 EUR can be completed in 1 day of work

Small Business Website

Develop an attractive website for small businesses with up to 8 pages

400 EUR can be completed in 3 days of work

Medium Business Website

Create a robust website for medium-sized businesses with up to 25 pages

1000 EUR can be completed in 1 week of work

Large Business Website

Construct a comprehensive website for large businesses with up to 100 pages

3500 EUR can be completed in 3 months of work

Customizable Services

Tailored Solutions: Assess customer needs and preferences through a consultation process and provide customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Price: Custom quote based on project scope.

Website Upgrade Package

Enhance your existing website with additional features and improvements

200 EUR can be completed in 1-2 days of work

Best Practices Package

Optimize your website's performance, speed, and core functionalities

500 EUR can be completed in 1 day of work

IT Consultancy

Get professional advice and guidance on IT-related matters

20 EUR per hour

Development Services

Receive expert development/coding services for your software projects

50 EUR per hour

SEO Base Research

Perform in-depth research to identify the most effective SEO strategies for your website

250 EUR

SEO SERP Ranking Services

Boost your website's visibility and improve search engine rankings with targeted keyword optimization

750 EUR per month


Protect your digital assets with our cybersecurity services.

  • Website Cleanup / Devirusing

    Clean up and remove malware or viruses from your website.

    Price: Starting from 150 EUR

    Time Estimate: 1-2 days

  • Server Hardening

    Secure your servers with best practices and advanced configurations.

    Price: Starting from 300 EUR

    Time Estimate: 2-3 days

  • Security Audit

    Perform a comprehensive security audit to identify vulnerabilities.

    Price: Starting from 500 EUR

    Time Estimate: 3-5 days

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    Identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems or networks.

    Price: Starting from 400 EUR

    Time Estimate: 2-4 days

Website Maintenance: Starter

Yearly maintenance package for small websites.

100 EUR per year

Website Maintenance: Business

Yearly maintenance package for medium-sized websites.

350 EUR per year

Website Maintenance: Enterprise

Yearly maintenance package for large websites.

1250 EUR per year

Google Business Place Configuration

Optimize your online presence with a well-configured Google Business Place.

50 EUR package

Facebook/Instagram Business Page Configuration

Enhance your social media presence with professionally configured Facebook/Instagram business pages.

50 EUR package

Basic App Development

Get a simple yet functional mobile app developed to meet your specific requirements.

Starting from 5,000 EUR 3-6 weeks development time

Professional App Development

Take your mobile app to the next level with advanced features and enhanced user experience.

Starting from 15,000 EUR 6-10 weeks development time

Enterprise App Development

Build a robust and scalable app solution tailored to meet the complex needs of your enterprise.

Starting from 30,000 EUR 10+ weeks development time

E-commerce Website Development

Create a robust online store with secure payment options and a user-friendly interface.

Custom quote

Payment Gateway Integration

Seamlessly integrate popular payment gateways into your e-commerce platform.

Custom quote

Content Writing and Copywriting

Develop compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Varies by project scope

Social Media Management

Manage and optimize your social media profiles to enhance your brand's online presence.

Custom quote

Data Analysis and Insights

Gain valuable insights from your website and user data.

Custom quote

Customized Reporting

Create custom reports to track key performance indicators and goals.

Custom quote

Cloud Migration Services

Migrate your applications and data to the cloud for scalability and flexibility.

Custom quote

Cloud Management

Ongoing management and optimization of your cloud infrastructure.

Custom quote

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Improve your app's visibility on app stores and increase downloads.

Custom quote

App Advertising Campaigns

Run targeted advertising campaigns to promote your mobile app.

Custom quote

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